Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesdays Treasures- Back to school finds

Today I woke up super early because I wanted to accomplish a ton of things. These things included going to the bank, a local teachers store (because I had a groupon I needed to use before it expired), target and to my classroom to drop off all my goodies! I'm happy to say that I accomplished all of these things and I'm very proud of myself :-) I didn't come here for that personal pat on the back though, I came to give your guys a heads up on all of my wonderful finds!

At the teachers store I had a $20.00 groupon so I was determined not to spend more than that. You know my theme this year is polka dots and this store was the right place for me!

I think I'll decorate my desk or door with these

Then I made my way down the street to a teacher home away from home, Target! I am so glad that I made the trip because they had just begin to put out school items in the dollar section. Whenever I go to Target I tell myself I can only spend $20.00 in the dollar section. Today that did NOT work out very well. I spent a little over $50.00 but everything I got was well worth it!
The pointers I've been looking for!
Mini dry erase markers, Seuss Week bookmarks and playing cards for my math center
Just because it's polka dot tote

This is NOT something I bought! I just snapped a picture for all of you beached themed teachers. These are really cool, it's a surf board and flower cork board. Only $2.50

File folders that had little dots. Love them!

These are on sale for .20 cents!!! I use so many glue sticks during the school year, so i stocked up pretty good today. 80 glue sticks for $8.00!!!!


Tanya said...

OMG! I hit Target today too...unfortunately I spent a lot more $$ than you--but I got a ton of things I have been wanting that have been posted on other blogs. I am a Target Dollar Spot fanatic!

First Grade is Fantabulous!

Miss Kindergarten said...

You found a groupon to a teacher store?!?! lucky!!!!

Jessi Todd said...

I also love Targets dollar section! My husband is pretty strict on what I can buy. BOO!

I did buy some of the mini markers and erasers- too cute not to!

I saw on another blog that they got ABC stamps at Target so I went in search. I stalked three different Targets but I got htem. They cost 2.50 and are way to cute! Can't way to use them!!!