Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer School Teacher?!?!?!

Today I was awaken by a call from my school. In my mind I was saying "What could they possibly want with me at 7a.m.". I just knew NOTHING was THAT important! I answered the phone in my OMGosh I was STILL sleeping voice to hear my schools secretary saying "Ms. Davis I NEED your help" in a very panicky voice. I sat up and asked what was wrong and she said "One of the teachers got food poison and I NEED you to come in and sub summer school for the day." I asked was the teacher going to be fine then I laughed and told her I don't do summer school, never have never will. Then she went on and on and on about how no one else was available so I caved in and taught second and third graders reading during summer school.

Turns out summer school isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It totally helped that today was a cool day so the building wasn't HOT. I knew the students so they knew NOT to play with me. Things went pretty well and I must say the PAY wasn't to shabby either. I really learned a lesson today. I have to stop saying what I'll never do because sometimes things work for a greater good than expected.

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