Monday, June 27, 2011

D.O.T Binder (Daily Organization Tool)

Last year I used the B.E.A.R (Bring Everything Always Ready) Binder. My parnets loved it! My students were able to keep their things organized and it really just made my life easier. Since I'm using them again this year I knew I could no longer use the B.E.A.R. My theme is Polka Dots so I'll be using a D.O.T Binder (Daily Orginzation Tool). Below you will find some of the things I plan on including in the DOT. There will be a cover page, On The SPOT Words (sight words) and How to take care of your binder. Once I figure out what else I want to include I'll update this link for you. The link is going to send you to my TPT site, please be sure to rate.
(Click on the picture to download)


Unknown said...

awesome! Thanks!!
First Grade Blue SKiES

Takara said...

Jennifer- Thanks, I'm having so much fun making things! I have so much more to share!!!

Jodi said...

Love how you're sticking to your theme with the DOT binder! Too fun!


Kelly said...

I love polka DOTS too! I just put my first post on my new blog pics of my room. I love your cover thanks for sharing. I plan on creating and sharing more dot ideas too!
~ Kelly

Anonymous said...

Do you have an editable version of your DOT book? I've been looking for this for a while.