Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pictures of my Classroom

I love looking at pictures of other teachers classroom, so I figured I should post a few pictures of my classroom for other teachers.

Empty classroom!
These are copies from the book "No, David". I read the story everyday the first week of school and we talk about the things David did that we shouldn't do. This is how we learn our classroom rules. I post these as a reminder to the students.
Do you see the seat pockets? I was dying to get my hands on these for my class. I ended up HATING them. My students kept them so messy! 

These are just a few pictures of my classroom. I've actually moved some things around so I'll be sure to take new pictures!


Rachelle said...

Your classroom is HUGE! But I love it so much! Kristen did my blog too....and I love yours!!!!

Takara said...


I found Kristen through your blog, which I LOVE by the way!