Friday, March 25, 2011

Word of the Day

Something I love doing with my students is implementing the Word of the Day in our classroom. I brought the book at the top from a Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale. My book is for K-3 just couldn't find a picture of that book. The book includes lots of different sheets to go along with the words, even a test for the week at the end. I don't use any of those sheets though, I only use the words. I made my own sheet for my students.
At the beginning of the year I give every student a folder with three rings in it. I get these folders from Staples when they are one cent!!! I then allow the students the opportunity to decorate their folders.  Here is an example of the folder 
This picture is BAD, but I left my camera at home :-(
After the students decorate their folders, I explain to them the purpose of the word of the day. I inform them that as first graders it is our job to expand our vocabulary. Of course at the beginning of the year first graders don't know what the word expand means. That's the reason expand is always the first word we use. On the SmartBoard I pull up my word of the day template and we do the first word together. 

This is the Smart Board Template <----click to download

At the end of the week I pick one or two of the words as bonus words on the spelling test. The students love it! 

Here are some examples of their work.

TGIF, have a great weekend!

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