Saturday, March 26, 2011

SmartBoard Lessons are my FAVORITE!

In the middle of my first year of teaching my schools tech person walked in and said "In the morning you will have a SMARTBOARD right here!" She was pointed right in the MIDDLE of the ONE white board I had in my classroom. Talk about disappointment, I was already ALWAYS asking for more board space and they wanted to cover up the little I had. The only word I can think of to describe how I felt isn't appropriate for this blog so I'll borrow a saying from Babbling Abby I was 12 kinds of mad!!! It also didn't help the I had NEVER heard of a SmartBoard! Sad but true that was my first year teaching and I had never taken a technology class so this was all new to me.

I got to work the next morning and there it was a SmartBoard covering up my ONLY white board. The tech lady knew I wasn't very happy about this so she paid my class a special visit. She showed us the many WONDERFUL things we could do with the board and I fell in LOVE with my board every since that day.

I use my board for many things throughout the day. I'm going to link some of my favorite Smart Board lessons below. Please note I didn't make many of these lesson but I do make changes to the lessons once I download them. You can do the same thing also. 

Click on the link above for a wide variety of Smart Board lessons!


ashley said...

I cannot imagine NOT having a SmartBoard. It is SO engaging for the students! I had to go several weeks earlier in the year with my SmartBoard not working because we got them mounted and the projector as well. It was a struggle to teach without it! I'm happy you have one too! :)

Mrs. Scoma said...

I still have a full whiteboard... but that means NO SmartBoard! Sigh... maybe some day, if all of this budget junk gets taken care of!! :-)


Tanya said...

I had something similar happen to me. My smartboard was placed right over my only writing space--which was a chalkboard. I thought uh-oh, now what. But then I adjusted, and used my smartboard for literally every lesson. Then...two weeks ago it started flashing like mad. I was devastated when the tech person said it would be a couple weeks until a new "color wheel" could be installed. Boy did that set me back. No smartboard, and no chalkboard! Good news, yesterday morning the tech person replaced the color wheel, and fixed my ailing speakers! Yeah for smartboards!


Becky said...

My smart board was placed right in the middle of a large bulletin board with the cords just dangling everywhere. I can't complain though because I use it everyday. It's neat to think that my kindergarten kids use this technology. I can't even imagine what it will be like when they are in high school!

Takara said...

Sorry about the link problem. It is fixed now. I'm not on my work computer so I couldn't link up to my favorites but if you go to the website just type in what you are looking for and millions of things should pop up.


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