Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let's Get Poppin'

As you all know I teamed up with Abby from The Inspired Apple for a great giveaway! The giveaway includes a copy of "Let's Get Poppin'" adjective activity and a brand new air popper!!! Well you know I HAD to give the activity a go before I could give it away. So today my class had a refresher course on adjectives. Talk about FUN, I'm talking *12 kinds of fun*!

First we did a SMARTboard lesson 
click above to go to the lesson

Then we started the activity 

Of course we used this stuff 
Completed the activity as a class and came up with this 
My door looks a little bad :( 

The students made their own popcorn chart and the best ones went on our JEAN-IUS WORK board
All in all we had a GREAT time doing this activity and now I'm SUPER EXCITED to give another teacher the chance to do this activity also.


Stephanie said...

I can't wait to try this myself - I bought the lesson earlier this week. Please share where you found the smartboard lesson on Adjectives. I have others but I love that this one has the Grammar Rock song! Great job!

Takara said...

The lesson is linked click on (First we did a SMARTboard lesson to get the lesson

First Grade Best said...

Thanks for the SMART board link! We LOVE the SMART board! How did we ever teach without it? :-) When you have a chance, you may want to check out my website for more SMART board downloads - I haven't had time to work on the website lately, but there are several downloads already posted.


Takara said...

I will check it out tonight after bible study. Thanks for the heads up!


Mrs. Saoud said...

You are fabulous. I'm awaiting a SMART board. Lucky you! I too purchased and posted the activity from today.


oh' boy said...

super cute!!! I had to pass by the popper at Target yesterday in hopes that I win!!! :) and I am still waiting to see your NeSt come on over and enter!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the SMARTboard link! Are those "My Little Book of Adjectives" I see on your bulletin board?
Do you mind posting....or pointing me in the right direction?
Thanks bunches!

Lindsey said...

what a fun lesson:)

i would die for a smartboard! lucky you!!!