Monday, February 28, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

Jodi over at Fun in the First Grade started a linky party and I couldn't help but join. I know that everyone is visiting for the FIRST time so please click follow on the right. I would love for you all to learn more about me and what's going on in my classroom.

 The following items are things I can't live WITHOUT!!!

1. Ginger ale

 This became a favorite of mine since I am no longer allowed caffeine.

2. Gatorade
After ginger ale this is my go to drink. I drink Gatorade like it's water. That's something I need to change though, I'm sure a little water won't kill me.

3./4. iPad

How else am I going to play

 My life is also planned on this thing. NO more paper planner for me!  SIDENOTE: Why can't I get blogger on my iPad? If you know how please explain to me what I'm doing wrong.

5.Cole Haan Sneakers
I have this pair in black and brown. I buy two new pair EVERY school year because these are the BEST shoes in the world to chase firsties around all day. Plus they look super cute with everything!

6. Sharpies
You aren't a real teacher if you don't love these markers!!! I mean really who could resist grading papers in such pretty colors? NOT I!


How else am I supposed to keep in touch with the world?

8. Coach Carry All Bag

Gotta love this bag because numbers 1-7 can all fit inside and because it's so CUTE!!!

9./10. House/Real House Wives

House is BEST show EVER!!! I swear I would love to have a doctor like him. Everyone says he is crazy BUT who cares as long as he figures out what's wrong with the patient.

Real House Wives- Drama Drama Drama- Yep that is the ONLY reason I watch any of the House Wives. I love their drama. Better them than me!!

There you have it people! Those are a few of my favorite things, hope you enjoied!

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