Monday, June 20, 2011

Math Journal Bundle (Honest Feedback Please)

I've finally got my Math Journal Bundle together so it's time to share it with all of you wonderful teachers. I used math journals ALL year and my students really excelled with solving word problems and extended response. I'll be using math journals for the rest of my teaching career. I have PLENTY more prompts stored on my computer that need to be added but I want to see what you guys think so far. There may be mistakes, misspelled words or just things that don't look right. Please tell me about ALL of those things. I've made a Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Account and this has been added for free but your feedback would be great.
                                           Click on the words below to access the bundle


(changes have been made, please let me know if you find anything else.)


aes17 said...

It looks amazing! I will SO be downloading when you get it on TPT! You are awesome!

Mrs. W said...

I have never used math journals before but this resource might just inspire me to try them next year! I will have the chance to look more closely at them tomorrow for spelling mistakes and what not but could you let me know how you use math journals in your classroom? Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Love it! I found a few errors...(just trying to help =)
"Decide" misspelled on pg 3

On page 5...first seal should be singular

On page 8, 9, and spotted "cow" singular (all three pages are the same)

On page 12, I find something odd about the tenses...if they are, then maybe they "dive"...but it isn't a big deal...

Page 14 "school's lunch"

Page 17..skipped too big of a space at the that it continues on to the next page

That's all I can've done a great job so far!! Hope this helps!

Takara said...

Thanks so much to everyone!

@ Jennifer I knew there were lots of errors that I couldn't see because I was the one reading over the document. I'll get right now fixing them and repost in tomorrow.

Thanks for everything!

Kathleen said...

I love it! I saw the same typos as Jennifer. I just got a 3rd gd job but can definitely see printing the strategies and having my students glue them in the inside covers of their math journals as reference! I've been all.over.TPT. can't wait to make a site and start adding.

Takara said...

I just made my TPT site! Please download and rate. Thanks


Unknown said...

Hope I helped...and didn't hurt feelings! =) I can be super-sensitive sometimes when it comes to someone proofing my work...but then again, I can read something of mine a hundred times and miss an error b/c I know what *should* be there! Anyway, it is great!! (and proofing is a love of mine, anytime you need it, just lmk!) Jennifer

Everything Math in Grades 3 and 4 said...

Realllllly Good! I love how you used the detective to show the steps. I will definately be following your blog! I would love if you could follow mine.

Jan Brady said...

I'm crazy about math and teaching math and all things math! I really like this idea. Thanks for sharing!
--- Jan

Takara said...

@Jennifer- no hurt feelings! You helped me a ton! I knew there were errors that I couldn't see. Thanks!

@ Ms. Shepherd- I'll be following you today! Glad you liked the bundle

@Jan- Thanks!

@ Everyone else- I'm glad you guys have downloaded but please rate on TPT also!