Monday, May 23, 2011

Non-Teacher Related- PLEASE VOTE!!!!

One thing about planning a wedding is that it’s easy to get into financial troubles and overspend on the happiest day of your life. In order to help one lucky couple start off on the right financial foot, TransUnion is running a contest where the winner receives $10,000!

I have already entered the contest but now I'm  asking you my friends and family to toast to our financial happiness by logging into the contest and voting for US! The lucky couple whose photo receives the most eligible votes at the end of the contest at midnight on June 6 will walk away with the grand prize of $10,000 in cash to help them start their new lives together off on the right financial footing.  A $1,000 cash prize will be awarded to second place and a $500 cash prize to third place.  The top five finalists will each receive a year subscription to TransUnion products.
                                                                       VOTE HERE

You can also check out our wedding website HERE


Mireya Aguirre said...

Done! Good Luck!

Keisha Joy said...

Maybe you guys should just go on wedding wars.....

Takara said...

Thanks guys!!!