Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Charity Water

I will also be honest, up until Sunday, it never really occurred to me that over 1 billion people don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. A billion people?! That is a lot of people. That's 1 in six people drinking dirty, bacteria filled water. A billion people people!

On Sunday, I went to church as always seeking a word, one that would help me become a better person not only for myself but better for the world. My pastor continued his series called "Love Out Loud". This series is explaining how we sometimes let the media confuse us about the REAL definition of love. He told us a story of his trip to Africa. This trips purpose was to bring clean water to villages. Below is the short version of the story.

"I went to Ethiopia and saw children who had no clean water to drink. I saw adults who were dehydrated, and ill yet joyful despite not having clean water. My heart was broken and I was inspired at the same time. Please help me help these amazing people. You can donate $36 or more and change someone's life because clean water can change everything!"

You can click HERE to see the whole service and hear the whole story, TRUST me it's GREAT!!! 

Because of his words, those pictures and my hearts NEED to do something, to help those in need of something so basic. I've started my own fund-raiser to help those who can't help themselves and I'm pleading for your help. Any amount will work, every penny, nickel,dime,quarter or dollar will help! It's my goal to raise $5000.00 in 92 days. $5000.00 will buy a village a water well which will supply them with CLEAN drinking water.

In order to help click HERE to go to my donate page with Charity Water. Please fill free to share this on your blogs, with your friends and family even co-workers!

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