Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The badEST bloggER of them ALL!!!

I've been a BAD BAD BAD blogger lately! Between getting food poison, going to a professional development ( I promise the post about what I learned is coming soon), taking care of my little sister because my mom got sick and wedding planning I've been SUPER BUSY!!! I'm talking so busy I haven't even been able to read all of the great blogs you guys have been posting. 

Today is my second day back in the classroom since Spring Break. Yesterday was kind of hard because most of my students just wanted to sleep all day. I guess that is what they did at home during the break. So their little bodies were tired by 10:00am. Today was much better we begin talking about -ER and -EST. I purchased The Teacher Wife TpT lesson and my kiddos LOVE it!!! You can buy it HERE .

Today was just a introduction, of course like always I use my smartboard to introduce EVERYTHING. I used THIS lesson, the students loved it and even raised their hand to tell me they made a text to life connection. <---- Best part of my day. After the SmartBoard lesson we made a graphic organizer listing words in it's singular form, using -ER when comparing two things and using -EST when comparing three or more things. This isn't going to be a picture-less post so check them out below to see how everything turned out.
I love how he made sure the tigers legs were longer so everyone would know the tiger with long legs could run the fastest

Did you notice our spelling words are even -ER and -EST words?
 Sidenote: These are pictures from my phone so the quality sucks!

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