Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are we to dependant on technology?

Today RIGHT in the MIDDLE of my language arts lesson the bulb in my SmartBoard went OUT!! I'm talking the buttons where still on but the screen was BLANK! I almost panicked but then I remembered that SmartBoards weren't always around and I could use the white board on the other side of the classroom. After the students were set I made a quick call to our tech person and she came and replaced the bulb within the hour! Has this ever happened to you? What did you?


Tanya said...

Recently my smartboard was out of commission for almost 2 weeks. It's brand new this year, and the color wheel went out. The screen started to occassionally flash red, green, and blue from time to time. Eventually that flashing became stobelight-like. Impossible to use. Also, I teach in a VERY old building, and we have old fashioned blackboards. But they installed my big smartboard right over my blackboard. I have a small, rolling, portable white board. We had to use the small white board for everything for almost two weeks. WOW! I did realize I had become dependent on modern technology, and so had my students!


Jess said...

Yes, this has happened to me right in the middle of a lesson. EEK! My students were way more frazzled than me lol. Their comments made me laugh. "But we can't possible to math with the board!" "What will we do now? Recess?" Oh kids! I don't actually have any other board in my class. The whiteboard is covered by the board....not very smart but that is the way it was installed. So I jut had to improvise by using a small hand held whiteboard and used lots of objects around the room to explain and help my kiddos. We do tend to get dependent on technology, because it is so fabulous and easy to use.


Mrs. Cave said...

I don't have a smarboard but I can identify with your predicament! My computer restarts ALL the time in the middle of activities. I hook my computer up to the tv or the projector quite often and the kids have gotten used to it "blue-screening" (that's a verb in my class). We'll take a minute to recap what we've been working on or share while it restarts and I navigate us back. Yesterday I let them watch a movie during lunch and it restarted. Poor guys by the time it restarted, I got back onto netflix and restarted the movie... lunch was over!

Unknown said...

I live in Florida and (it seems like it happens every year) when it gets super hot in August and September we'll lose power all together! So we have to kick it old school and learn outside or in the dark. You really learn what kind of teacher you are when you have to think quickly on your feet. It's a "gotcha" moment for sure!