Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday- Advice for New Teachers

It's the second day of Teacher Week 2011! I've read so many great things about my fellow teachers yesterday on Meet The Teacher Monday. It's great to get to know the "inside scoop" about you guys! Today I have some advice that I think would be great for ALL teachers not just NEW teachers.

1. Your students are going to LOVE you no matter what! When I first started teaching I dreaded giving my student repercussions when they did the wrong thing. Put I learned that even after being punished those students will STILL love you to pieces!

2. Always be prepared. NO be OVER prepared!!! It's great to have a lesson in your mind that would work great for your students. BUT you must remember that lessons don't always go as planned, take as much time as you planned, etc. So you MUST have a plan A, B & C.

3. Use your resources. When I say resources. I'm talking books and people. I know that when going to a new school it's best to have a teacher mentor that can teach you the ropes. Use this person wisely. Even if you don't get assigned a person seek out someone that can lend you a hand when needed.

4. Classroom Management- I believe this isn't a skill that can be taught. It's something that is learned through experiences.. Be willing to try new things in your classroom until you find something you are conferable with and something that allows ALL students an opportunity to succeed.

5. Organization/Time Management- Be thoughtful of others time when it has to do with meetings and other staff related things. In the classroom think more about transition times from one activity to another. We don't want to waste our time.

I think these are the top five most important things I would share. Hop on over to Blog Hoppin' to learn some other great things from freat teachers.


Cortney said...

I agree, good advise. Sometimes my best idea's come from other teachers or even just talking and bouncing ideas off other teachers.

Ms. Preppy said...

#1 is SO TRUE! I'm always shocked when the kids that I've had to get onto the most run up to me to give me great big hugs!

Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

Unknown said...

#5 is great! I have quite a few veteran teachers that need to heed this advice. Meetings would be so much more productive!

Ginger Snaps said...

HAHA to number 1. That is great advice!! Seriously, sometimes I still struggle with this, especially if it's a student who never gets in trouble or does the wrong thing!